Page 9 - April-May 2015 20/twenty A&B
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Circa58 hunts down vintage treasures of inherent beauty with a natural hue to slide right into your home no matter its style. Tribal meets traditional with a little euro-elegance. All ofered below market value. Now that’s warm and fuzzy. Q: What interesting trends have you uncovered in the last year or two? A: “I had no idea how much I loved Kuba cloths Organic rafa handwoven by the tribes’ men and then deftly em- broidered with personal stories by the women. Breathtaking.” -Dawn Q: Do you have a favorite color combina- tion? If so, what? A: “Camel, pearl gray, butermilk and espresso. Colors that look beautiful on people, dogs and interiors!” -Dawn Arpil/May 2015 • 20/20A&B 9
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