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Through the Eyes of a Client By Laura Schwartz-Muller President Elect ASID Los Angeles Chapter •Building trust by active focused active listening, care, and collaboration. Develop a listening…this will inspire and in- sort of “checklist” of thoughtful questions to pres- form the fnal design. ent during the design phase of a project. Listen •Listening with the intent to col- carefully and don’t ask design language questions… laborate, clarify and defne a build the trust and get to know your clients per- space on behalf of the client. sonal needs and quirks frst. What is their morn- •To interpret the clients vi- ing routine, how do they spend their weekends, sion while guiding, support- etc. This will defne and inform your design more ing, informing and illustrating than “what colors do you like”…or “what style of the design and clients wellbeing sofa is your favorite”… These questions will answer during the entire design-build process. themselves once you get inside your clients heart. •Observation is also a very important part of good Client wanted to be surrounded by things that made listening. Body language for example, watch how her feel loved but was organized, (books in the they sit on their existing sofa…do they grab a pillow nook), she needed a “junk zone”, she wanted tex- and hold it on their lap? This will quickly tell you what ture and cool colors, she wanted no window treat- type of sofa they will most likely be satisfed with. ments but wanted to control the light, she wanted •Our job is to take this information and develop a a place that could seat MANY but when it was emp- personal space that refects these bits and piec- ty, didn’t want it to appear empty, she wanted a es of information we collect and reimagine them place for notes and lists and calendars (black mag- into a space that illustrates their future vision. net chalkboard inset)…you get the picture…I think •We believe that this is one of the most im- the result is perfect and the client agrees…”It’s so portant elements designers can provide their ME” she says that often! I don’t think I ever could clients and not just at the onset of the de- have sat down at my drafting table and designed sign process, but it must be maintained this in this way…it HAD to be informed by the client. throughout the entire project thru completion. • Our success is a direct result of this focused and 8 April/May 2015 • 20/20A&B
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