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From bright pop art inspired designs to weathered brick and rustic woods, designers are always reinventing the past. Even down to the tables and chairs that often look like they were pulled straight out of a century old European factory; Kegan says these are all design elements he is inspired by. “When designing a restaurant I approach it as if I am designing a set,” Kegan says. “That’s really what good restaurant or bar design is all about. Creating environments that evoke feelings; comfortable or hip in a casual dining space, energized in a club, or even a feeling of luxury at a high end hot spot.” Whatever the atmosphere, Kegan pays close attention to lighting, texture and the tiny details. “The materials don’t have to be real, as long as they feel real in the space,” Kegan acknowledges. “I love using faux brick, and products like IVC US sheet vinyl or LVT fooring. I can get the look and feel of wood, stone, or even concrete but in a product that I know is going to withstand the daily stress ABOVE: To create a farmhouse inspired of restaurant traffc, which is just as important look, Kegan used IVC US Touch of Comfort Arizona sheet vinyl. as the design.” ABOVE: A giant pop art orange slice mixed with IVC US Specs of Impression create the perfect family friendly atmosphere at the LBI Pancake House. 12 April/May 2015 • 20/20A&B
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